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Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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From the outside, one will recognize that a compact, all stainless steel housing now provides the highest level of protection from the cleaning chemicals and environmental extremes present in food processing facilities. A standard backlit graphic display provides the metering information not only as numbers and text but also has the ability to display images. By using images along with text a more intuitive feel to navigation is achieved making the programming experience quicker and simpler. On the inside a PFA liner offers increases in pressure, temperature and vacuum capability. This new liner gives the IZMAG the ability to satisfy an expanded list of high temperature and aseptic applications .

Each meter is quoted with the following specifications, and must be for a wine or beer application to receive the advertised price. Please contact customer service if you need different specs, or are purchasing this for a non wine or beer application.
Electrical Connections: Cord grips and NPT adapters 
Electronics Mounting: Integral Electronics 
Meter Length: Standard 
Fitting: Tri-Clamp 
Output Options: 2 pulse, 1 analog 
Operating Power: 110-220 VAC 
Display: Display 
 Standard (EPDM)

· ± 0.20% accuracy 
· Compact design fits challenging applications 
· Stainless steel housing suitable for all processing environments 
· 3-A compliant; Third party verified in accordance with standard 28-04 

· Milk 
· Cream 
· Beer 
· Tomato Paste 
· Sauces 
· Molasses 
· Yogurt 
· Slurries 
· Concentrates 
· Cleaning solutions

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